Our story

A ‘wee’ bio about our founding Directors:  David Manson & Bronwyn Ward-Manson. They built DJM built over seventeen years ago. Like very tenacious dogs not willing to give up a bone, they persisted and persevered and totally believe in the work they do and the company they created. Over the seventeen years they have gained an outstanding reputation as a leading teacher placement organisation.

David grew up in Scotland, in a coastal town south of Glasgow:

Being Scottish David has the typical Scottish dry humour and love of the outdoor life.

  • Prior to DJM, David worked in an International Corporate IT company in the city of London.
  • He plays all racquet sports to a high level
  • loves the adventure working in London provides –  sailing around the coasts of Greece, Croatia, Turkey & the UK; flying light aircraft around England; riding his motor bike; and cycling the routes of the UK & France.

Bronwyn grew up in Marree a small remote  community in the middle of the desert in the far north of South Australia.

Being an outback brat meant Bronwyn has a typical outback approach to life being independent, resourceful and never afraid of a challenge.

  • She has many years experience in Education being a classroom teacher in South Australia and London & part of a Curriculum advising team supporting schools in South Australia & Australia in their implementation of the National curriculum.
  • prior to DJM Bronwyn was a manager in a global teaching agency in London
  • She played sport to a high level winning tennis championships in her home state & was captain of the district netball team. She has sailed with David in Greece, Croatia & Turkey & and cycling the routes of the UK & France. 

Our DJM teams have been together a long time – Bron & Dave managing the interface between schools and teachers;  Martin leading Accounts team; Audrey leading the Payroll team; Nick Advertising and Marketing team; Sarah Compliance; And Ella, Kate, Amy and Jenni consultant specialists.

And of course all those fantastic adventurous DJM teachers who over the years have contributed to the amazing and fun DJM Family.