Professional Development

At DJM we provide opportunities for our teachers to present their classroom practices in our Professional Development activities. We believe it is the teacher who knows best about what happens in a classroom and as such each has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.

Our teachers share their classroom practices with each other, swapping formats, ideas & strategies. A recent workshop was conducted by one of our teachers, Mandy who shared her beliefs and practices on Behaviour Management. (see a sample of her work on the drop down menu).

Our professional development events are practical, relevant and fun. We share information about:

  • Behaviour Management – an oldie but a goodie –  looking at proactive teaching & learning strategies such as ‘ Thinking Keys’ and De Bono’s 6 Hats as a Behaviour Management Strategy; Classroom strategies to identify & manage Bullying Behaviour… and so on


  • Literacy & Numeracy – never goes off the table – focusing on such topics as Ideas for Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening; Cross Curriculum Literacy lessons; Literacy & Numeracy lessons; Assessment strategies..and so on


  • Any curriculum areas or subject specific topics identified by our teachers – exploring Teaching & Learning Strategies in Maths, Science, PE, Health ..

We have many resources available: 

  • Relief/Supply Teaching Strategies compiled by DJM Teachers with practical down to earth teaching ideas and strategies complied by Scott & Ross
  • Behaviour Management Strategies complied by Mandy & Steve for DJM Teachers
  • Classroom Literacy Lessons – Practical Ideas written for teachers by Teachers in Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening 
  • Cross-curricula Literacy Lessons – complied by Sarah
  • Assessment & Reporting Strategies & Formats – complied by Bron DJM
  • De Bono’s Six Hat Strategies and Critical Thinking Skills & lots of classroom activities…with help from Tom and Peter
  • much much more!

All are available on request or through attendance at the PD activities.

Briony DJM teacher in London says:

” Working for DJM is great! Their professional development sessions are always held in a ‘surprise’ venue such as a Health club, or great restaurant or top floor of a pub! They always provide us with food & drink during the workshops. They are a professional team with a friendly approach to teaching. They are always looking after us!”   

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