Teaching jobs

With DJM you can choose the teaching jobs you want in London.

Even if you start with one type of work you can change to another type of work if it suits you better. Having choice is crucial to successful teaching experiences. It means we can find the school that suits and not leave you stuck in a school you don’t like or want.

“Having the freedom to choose and the support given by DJM to achieve your choice is what makes working with DJM so special.” Faye Adelaide Australia

Our teachers offered advice to new teachers about the type of teaching jobs they can choose from in London:

Daily or short term Supply:

  • we love this type of teaching work the best!(relief/substitute) teaching: working as a relief or substitute teacher for a day, days, a week; best job in this category is being the regular PPA release teacher – internally covering a school’s classes as teachers are released to plan. Always able to manage your own work & take time off to travel anytime you want. Woo hoo!

Long Term Supply (contract) teaching:

  • always ‘try before you buy’ – you don’t want to get stuck in a job that you hate. Being a full-time classroom teacher teaching your own class in a school for term/s over the school year is great once you have worked out how the schools work & what their demands and expectations are of you. It’s more pay because there’s lots more paperwork & admin to do.

Permanent teaching work:

  • it’s being employed directly by a school and paid through the school. The agency finds you a full-time teaching job  in a school you want. Always ‘try before you buy’ – you don’t want to get stuck in a job that you hate & then you can’t get out of it if because you work for the school, not the agency. Can be great or can be a bumma. Choose carefully!