(i) an ear to hear

Having an ear to hear is part of how we support well-being. 

Whether it is a newly arrived overseas trained teacher who needs to learn about teaching in London while also setting up their life structures (finding a home ; obtaining a bank account;  a National Insurance number; registering with a GP) to those DJM teachers who manage the 30+ students in their classes day in day out regardless of nursing a cold or dealing with situations in their personal lives, hearing how each individual is handling their day to day life and duties is crucial to their well-being.

We always ‘have an ear to hear’ acting on any information disclosed with sensitivity and understanding. All experiences, good, bad or interesting are sign posts for growth & learning. We encourage everyone to ‘have a go’ and share the buzz each gets stretching their capabilities.

We respect and admire the grit and determination of our teachers knowing how essential these qualities are to successful living and teaching experience in London.  

 Angela Lee Duckworth, teacher turned psychologist says ” Having grit is defined as having stamina and perseverance to stick to your goals not just for a week, or a month but for the long term.”