(ii)working together

Having clearly defined roles and responsibilities which intersect to form a symbiotic interdependent  team is how we support well-being.  

The SCHOOL + TEACHER + DJM work together to provide opportunities for success. 

Each of us is an equal partner working together to achieve a ‘win-win’ for all. Each has a specific purpose and role with clearly defined needs and responsibilities. 

The school

  • Sets out expectations about curriculum – what to teach
  • Sets the context for behaviour management
  • Supports teachers with relevant information about the school and the learning needs of the students
  • Treats the teacher as member of their own staff

The Teacher

  • prepares for their work
  • arrives at school in plenty of time
  • is professional
  • meets students learning needs
  • adheres to the school’s expectations
  • is a role model

DJM Personnel

  • is honest & open about the booking
  • listens & supports in every way
  • provides organisational information – travel, school expectations
  • provides relevant support & Training & development

We work together to get the best match of teacher and school. We listen, acting on what each wants, needs, likes and dislikes with sensitivity and discretion.