Behaviour Management

Behaviour Management Ideas ( excerpt from DJM Behaviour Management Resource – complied by Mandy DJM Teacher )

  1. Be prepared. Bring lessons or resources that you are comfortable using and that you know have been successful in motivation students.
  2. Arrive at the school in plenty of time.
  3. Find out as much relevant information as you need about the class, the school. Most schools have guidance notes or policies. Seek out ‘a friendly face’ to ask questions – Deputy, Learning Assistant, another teacher…Find the school’s Behaviour Management Policy – schools will have a reminder of rules & consequences in the classroom. It is important to know the school’s policies so that your management is in line with the schools.
  4. Try and assess your room & resources in it. Think about space available, position of desks, the resources you need…
  5. Start the day:

It is important you establish class rules. Making rules and setting limits is about effective discipline. Most behavioural management packages base their approach on the establishment of clear rules  (rights) , rewards & consequences. This has proved effective as a long term strategy in a whole school approach. Now you must consider how you can reinforce the rules of the class.

There are options: you can choose to do any of these.

  1. Rely on the existence of established rules
  2. Acknowledging the existing rules
  3. Negotiate some rules
  4. Bring your own rules

* Pluses & Minuses of each of these options & much much more can be found in the DJM Behaviour Management Resource booklet.

Mandy says: Some Things to remember   

  • catch them being good
  • good values guide good behaviour
  • make sense of children’s emotions & feelings
  • thinking affects feelings


Source: Behaviour Management Strategies : DJM Personnel Resource