2. and because…

we are D – J – M = damn jolly magnificent!

DJM – everyone feels they are a part of a team where all experiences are shared, multiple opportunities provided and 100% support readily available

  • we provide a sense of belonging
  • we provide connections to other teachers, the UK curriculum & schools
  • we take care of our teachers personal & professional wellbeing

We are unique and contribute something different. 

We know success in LONDON means:

L – leaving nothing to chance

O – owning your decisions

N – never giving up

D – doing a reality check!

O – observing and learning 

N – nothing is insurmountable

Sandra on her return to Melbourne Australia said:

” firstly I would like to thank you for everything you have done for me before and during my move to the UK. Moving overseas can be a scary thing and it was nice to know I was working for a teaching agency who actually cared about the teachers they had working for them. The support you gave me through out my time in London and helping me create a friendship base by putting me with other teachers and having social functions, I think goes above & beyond what is expected of you running a teaching agency. Thank you! ”