Schools in London…



are the best. They all have clear expectations about what to teach supported with resources and plans explicitly detailing the learning pathways for students in each year group.

In England the schools work hand in hand with agencies to recruit and supply the best teachers. Teachers work in hand in hand with the agency of their choice to make sure their professional needs are met.

Schools + DJM + Teachers work together in partnership with each partner having specific roles and responsibilities:

1.The school:

  • Sets out expectations about curriculum – what to teach
  • Sets the context for behaviour management
  • Supports teachers with relevant information about the school and the learning needs of the students
  • Treats the teacher as member of their own staff

2. The Teacher:

  • prepares for their work
  • arrives at school in plenty of time
  • is professional
  • meets students learning needs
  • adheres to the school’s expectations
  • is a role model 

3. DJM Personnel:

  • is honest & open about the booking
  • listens & supports in every way
  • provides organisational information – travel, school expectations, contexts, big picture information
  • provides relevant support & Training & Development for growth and development

Teaching in London is about working together – schools, teachers and DJM – to:

  • achieve the best match of teacher & school
  • provide choices & informed advice
  • reflect on experiences 

No-one works in isolation from the others.

That’s why schools say about us at DJM… 

 …Thank you for the service you provide. It is a pleasure to work with you..

…Friendly – very relaxed. I feel my opinions are valued. Teachers are brilliant.

…Excellent all round. Could not be better. Great value for the service you provide. Very professional approach. 

…Always excellent service. The quality of your staff is well matched to the needs of our school”

… you are so friendly – very relaxed. I feel I am able to say exactly what I require and how the teachers were received. I feel my opinions are valued!

There are so many ways to say hello to the team at DJM.

  1. You can say hello by Phone – UK Phone: +44 (0) 208 688 8203
  2. By mobile – UK Mobile 1: +44 (0) 7714 763 652 ; UK Mobile 2: 44 (0) 7841 144 270
  3. By email – ; ;