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Our story

DJM is an independent, privately owned professionally managed company built over eighteen years ago by our founding Directors David Manson and Bronwyn Ward-Manson.

 A ‘wee’ bio about our founding Directors:

David grew up in Scotland, in a coastal town south of Glasgow. Being Scottish David has the typical Scottish dry humour and love of the outdoor life.

Prior to DJM, David worked in an International Corporate IT company for many years in the city of London

Bronwyn grew up in Marree a small remote  community in the middle of the desert in the far north of South Australia. Being an outback desert brat meant Bronwyn has a typical outback approach to life being independent, resourceful and never afraid of a challenge.

After being a classroom teacher in South Australia then part of a Curriculum team supporting schools in their implementation of the National curriculum in Australia, she upped roots and travelled to live and teach in London. There she became a manager in a global teaching agency based in London and from that experience formed DJM Personnel with David.

Both are actively involved in many sporting & outdoor pursuits including playing racquet sports to a high level; sailing around the coasts of Greece, Croatia, Turkey & the UK; flying light aircraft around England; and cycling the routes of the UK & France.

We dive into the life we dream.