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The DJM Companies


We created and built the original DJM company – DJM Personnel over twenty years ago, to recruit and supply teachers from across the globe to teach in schools in the UK . From the success of our original DJM company we created its sister company  DJM Marketplace, as a place to showcase ideas, practices and products for people to use to create and build their own amazing tomorrows.

A ‘wee’ life bio about our founding Directors:

David grew up in a small coastal town in Ayrshire, Scotland. 

Being Scottish David has the typical Scottish dry humour, honest directness and the love of the outdoor life. Prior to DJM, David worked in an International Corporate IT company for many years in the city of London. Working in the corporate world skilled David in business practices and processes. He also learnt how crucial it is to treat everyone no matter who they are with kindness, compassion and respect.

Bronwyn grew up in Marree a small remote  community in the middle of the desert in the far north of South Australia. 

Being an outback desert brat meant Bronwyn has a typical outback approach to life being independent, resourceful and never afraid of a challenge. After teaching and working in curriculum as part of a team supporting South Australian schools implementing Australia’s national curriculum, she upped roots and travelled to live and teach in London. There she expanded her wings and became a manager in a global teaching agency based in London before creating The DJM companies with David.

​So dream big and fear less knowing we are here to support you create your amazing tomorrows teaching in London.

Click on each web site address below to learn more about each DJM Company:

* DJM Personnel (https://www.djm-teach.co.uk)
* its sister DJM Marketplace (https://www.djmmarketplace.org)

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