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About us

Cooee & Hello! 

We are David Manson and Bronwyn Ward-Manson co-founders of the DJM group of companies.

We created and built the original DJM company – DJM Personnel over twenty years ago, to recruit and supply teachers from across the globe to teach in schools in the UK . From the success of our original DJM company we created its sister company  DJM Marketplace, as a place to showcase ideas, practices and products for people to use to create and build their own amazing tomorrows.

From the successes of DJM Personnel and DJM Marketplace we created their little mate, DJM Media2 showing how to connect to social, emotional and economic success.

We dare to be different.  

​We want to make the world kinder, more compassionate and sustainable so everyone can dream big, fear less and create their amazing tomorrows.

Welcome to our family of DJM companies.

Click on each web site address below to learn more about each DJM Company:

* DJM Personnel (https://www.djm-teach.co.uk)
* its sister DJM Marketplace (https://www.djmmarketplace.org)
* their wee mate djm-media  (https://www.djm-media2.co.uk)

Click on the email link to say Cooee! and hello E: djm-teach@talktalk.net