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Our DJM Companies

Our companies are passionate about building a kind compassionate sustainable world.

 We learn, we grow, we learn more, and we grow more.  We do not stand still.

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* DJM Personnel (https://www.djm-teach.co.uk) supplying high quality teachers to schools in London UK with the aim to make a difference
* it’s mate DJM Marketplace (https://www.djmmarketplace.org) the home of TOOLS to build a kind compassionate sustainable world
* its wee mate djm-media  (https://www.djm-media2.co.uk) making connections to each other, our workplace and our world

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Creating Amazing Tomorrows 4 U – DJM Companies

“You have created such a great company that really understands
​the demands of work and the importance of giving people a great experience.”
Ash, living in LONDON

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