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Step by step process to teach in London

Embarking on your adventure teaching in London requires a bit of forward planning.


This is a step by step process to go through to gather the documents needed to teach in London.

Step 1 – You need a Passport & Visa that allows you to work in the UK.

Step 2 – Current and relevant CV or resume (see section on writing a CV/resume to know what to include)

Step 3 – Relevant Teaching Qualifications to a Bachelor level & current teacher registration in your home country

Step 4 – Two – three School based  References  to validate your teaching experiences with

Step 5 –  a current UK DBS Police Check. If overseas trained also a current National Police check

Step 6 – Obtain a medical certificate from your local doctor stipulating are fit to work & documenting any medication you are currently taking.

Step 7 – Interview chat & Induction

Before you begin working with DJM you will have an Interview chat with our Education Manager. These are face-to-face interviews/inductions. (see section on Wise up for Interviews to show you how to prepare)

Step 8 – Time to teach

Once you start teaching with DJM, it is really just the beginning of belonging to a great team who supports you the whole time with an ear to hear, advice if needed, training & development information and opportunities to meet & mix with other teachers.