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Making the world a better place

Martin Luther King Jr says “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter” 

Whether it’s local cancer charity or being actively involved and fundraising for social issues, we STAND UP for things that need to happen to change lives for the better.

We do not stay silent to injustice, abuse or the wrongs in the world.

Over the last eighteen years we have donated to many charities and causes. We stand up and will not be silent about things that matter.

We have continued to donate as much as possible to the following charities to create their better tomorrows:

  • Myaware – Fighting Myasthenia Together.
  • Children’s Ground in Australia.

Children’s Ground acknowledges and honours First Nations peoples, paying respect to Elders past and present custodians of the land.

The Children’s Ground model has been developed to be a new approach. 

It is not a program, or a quick fix. Children’s Ground takes an integrated, locally-led and designed approach in communities experiencing extreme poverty and inequity, combining international best-practice with deep grassroots experience, resourced at a level that enables excellence in learning, wellbeing and development.

Children’s Ground looks beyond ‘the problem’ and see the people. They believe in, and harness, the ability of the community and their cultural knowledge systems: building and walking with communities where children can grow up strong both ways. In doing so, this can break the cycle of intergenerational poverty and inequity in Australia’s most disadvantaged communities.

We encourage everyone to look at Children’s Ground in Australia.

During 2017-18 we have donated to:

  • Kyle’s charity – Heart UK when he ran the London Marathon
  • Julia’s charity – St Christopher’s Hospice when she cycled from London to Paris
  • Phil’s charity – Cancer Research – when he did the Burpee challenge for The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity
  • Rachel’s charity – Prostrate Cancer when she ran/walked 10km
  • Crisis for the Homeless – donating for Christmas lunches every year for the homeless
  • WWF – yearly subscription
  • supporting schools to crowd fund to raise cash for student resources and facilities.

We are never afraid to STAND UP for things that matter.

We continue to Stand Up for Moko and all the Moko’s in the world

The abuse and death of little Moko Rangitoheriri – New Zealand

We continue supporting the Stand up for Moko charity & Give a little – Justice for Moko charity in New Zealand after the abuse and death of Moko Rangitoheriri in New Zealand.

We do not sleep walk through life ignoring the challenges facing people in our world and we have never been afraid to take on issues, or causes or people who act in unfair, unjust, dishonourable or inappropriate ways toward other human beings.

There are always people out there in need of help. When we donate money or give our time to help others who need it, we are working to make the world a better place for each person.

We thank our schools and teachers who like us, support charities and causes and stand up and say enough is enough. Together we can make a difference to people’s lives.