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7 essential qualities of great leaders

Everyone is a great leader in their own way.

The best leaders are passionate about developing emerging leaders around them; they constantly work to improve their emotional intelligence and develop a strong positive and empowering culture. The best leaders also are in a perpetual state of preparation and embrace the inevitable changes that come their way.

What makes a great leader in the classroom and beyond?

A great leader has these 7 essential qualities:

  1. Faith in their beliefs and in their ideas. They build on this by being good communicators, listening to others, setting examples, putting their best foot forward and not giving up.
  2. Make the hard choice. They self-sacrifice in order to enhance the lives of others around them and persevere through the difficult times.
  3. Earning respect of the team. Having the ability to show respect, empathy and care to those that follow them.
  4. Knowing the people. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of every individual to be able to effectively manage the outcome is imperative for success.
  5. Has great vision and resources to handle problems. They take risks and make hard decisions knowing they could sometimes be wrong.
  6. Constant personal and professional development. Being able to self-reflect and seeking regular feedback. Acting on this feedback to improve.
  7. Know that people are key to success. A great leader understand that it is the people they lead that ultimately determines the success or failure of any venture. They surround themselves with great people that they cultivate into a team of highly competent, confident individuals. They inspire confidence and trust through character rather than by a position of authority.

The DJM companies Co-Director Bronwyn Ward-Manson is a great leader. She is a great leader both in education and in our DJM companies. 

She possesses a clear vision and uses the resources at hand to solve problems and is courageous, has integrity, honesty, humility and a clear focus. She helps people reach their goals and empower them to succeed. She looks after the people who work with and for her knowing they will look after the business. She is not afraid to hire people that might be better than herself and takes pride in the accomplishments of those she helps along the way. She take risks and makes hard decisions, knowing she could sometimes be wrong. She is true to her character and has enduring faith in her beliefs.

Her words:

“I grew up in Marree a small remote community in the middle of the desert in the far north of South Australia. Even though it was a remote and harsh environment with few people and lots of sand, camels, wild horses (brumbies) and cattle, it was a brilliant place to grow up. Lots to explore, see and do. There I learnt so much about people – their kindness, generosity and willingness to support and help others no matter who they were or what they did. My life in Marree taught me that kindness and compassion are the pillars of humanity and without them we are nothing but sand in the wind. I learnt to dream big and fear less.”

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