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What schools want

Top Tip!

These are the key skills and abilities schools look for:

Knowledge of curriculum & teaching processes
(ie what is your curriculum knowledge; what subjects/areas of study are your strength/weakness…)
Delivering the curriculum to diverse learners 
(ie what teaching methods do you use: what do you do to improve student learning outcomes; how do you cater for diverse learners in your classroom teaching…)
Communication and interpersonal skills
(ie how you communicate to students and adults; how you communicate learning complexities to students and adults; how you handle conflict or issues; how you manage behaviour; work with parents, staff…)
Team player
(ie how you relate to staff; work with other people…)
Problem solving ability
 ( ie how you solve problems; evaluate consequences; make decisions…)
Show initiative/innovation
(ie how creative are you to come up with ideas and solutions without being led or directed)
Critical thinking/analytical ability
(ie can you think on your feet? can you read between the lines and separate fact/fiction and fantasy) 
Quick learner/self-starter
(ie when faced with a something new or unknown, how quickly do you learn how to do new things)

These personal qualities really count.

  • being adaptable and flexible being able to change when needed to any situation or circumstance
  • being motivated and enthused to do any task
  • being able to selfmanage 
  • being knowledgeable in technical or theoretical information in the area of work you want to do.

All these indicators show your value to the school community.

No-one has everything – so target your strengths & identify your next steps in your learning.

Use experiences or examples to describe what you have done in some of these categories.

You must show schools why you are their best choice!

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