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Change isn’t easy and it has to be supported, encouraged and applauded.That’s why we created DJM marketplace – to provide booklets and sustainable products designed to support people to thrive, grow and ‘fly’ to a better tomorrow. 

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Here are some of our latest booklets available for purchase worldwide on Amazon ebooks: 

  • As a Supply Relief Substitute teacher : lots of ideas and strategies to teach great lessons; manage classrooms and motivate students
  • Far Out Brussel Sprout easy practical ideas for managing behaviour in positive and friendly ways 
  • Simple creative ideas to motivate and inspire change and growth
  • Wellbeing – for growth and prosperity
  • How to keep jumping puddles and making mud pies when life throws you a stinger: ways to cope and thrive
  • How to be a bully buster and put a stop to bullying

In the pipeline: The curse of the fluffy eared werewolf: the spread of social media

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