The big picture in the UK


There is so much fake news out there – it’s hard to know what’s real or not.

Unfortunately there is no easy way to sift and sort through information to find out if things are true or not.

Part of our responsibility  as a company is to be up front and honest about what’s happening in the UK. It may not be pretty or be uplifting but it is honest.

To detail the ‘big picture’ reality of life teaching in the UK it is necessary to look at what’s being written consistently in the newspapers both on-line and hard copy. Here are sections from a number from the UK press: 

  • Schools continue to face challenging times with budget cuts. Austerity programs implemented in 2010 by the UK government has resulted in much economic hardship in schools and severe budget constraints. 
  • One in five teachers say their schools have asked parents for money amid funding pressures.
  • ‘Parents are effectively plugging the gap on school funding,’ union leader suggests – Parents are being asked to pay for textbooks and materials as budgets are squeezed.
  • The survey revealed that more than three-quarters of teachers have seen cuts to books and school equipment in the last year amid funding pressures.
  • And nearly half of teachers said their school has asked parents to pay for specific items needed during the school day – such as textbooks and materials for art and design and technology.

The National Union of Teachers (NUT) section of the NEU in Brighton, also revealed that parents are plugging the gap in teachers’ pay. Kevin Courtney, joint general secretary of the NEU, said: “Yes. In practise, they have been asked to plug the gap in all sorts of places.

“Removing teaching and support staff is gathering pace, parents are regularly being asked for money, subjects are being dropped from the curriculum, school trips cancelled, books and resources are not being replaced and class sizes are rising. Parents, teachers, headteachers and school staff will not let this issue lie.”

We work within this context to provide a ‘win-win’ scenario for all. We work to keep our rates to schools as low as possible while paying our teachers as high a rate as possible. In addition we carefully match teachers to schools and schools to teachers to ensure a good experience for all.

As one of our schools said:

” Thank you for the service you provide. It is a pleasure to work with you. The quality of your teaching staff is well matched to the needs of our school”