Did you know?

Did you know that research shows us how we THINK about stress decides if our bodies react negatively or not?

How we think about stress determines the physiological and psychological impact stress has on us.

Our perceptions rule our reality and in part creates our environment. Questioning our perceptions rather than assuming they are correct is key to making sure we understand and frame our thinking positively and correctly.

Change and stress go hand in hand.

What to do if faced with stress or stressful situations when teaching and living in London?

Understanding the 3 possible stress responses and channelling them in the right way changes everything. These are:

  1. how we feel
  2. how we respond to those events
  3. how others in turn respond or react to us

A simple strategy for handling discomfort and keeping our minds open and not subjective is this one:

  • observe your thinking – what are you saying to yourself?
  • question rather than assume – don’t assume what you perceive is actually reality
  • re-frame and find positivity 

Every time you are trapped in a pattern of thinking it creates fear. Break the pattern and challenge perceptions and assumptions.

  1. Find an environment where you can be the best you can be
  2. stay positive and believe in yourself and those around you
  3. change behaviour if the behaviour continually leads to fearful negative and stressful responses and reactions.

Every thing, whether it’s teaching or personal, is based on feelings – how you feel about yourself & how you make others feel.

Teaching in London is the experience to bring out the best you can be.