Step by step process to teach in London

Embarking on your adventure teaching in London requires a bit of forward planning. 


This is a step by step process to go through to gather the documents needed to teach in London.

Step 1 – You need a Passport

  • as proof of your identity, and for overseas trained teachers, as proof that you have obtained a visa, which gives you the right to work in the UK. Please make sure your passport will not expire whilst you are travelling. The UK government allows those teachers who have either a UK passport; a UK Ancestry Visa; an EU passport or a Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa to enter the UK to teach.

Step 2 – Up-date and send you CV or Registration Form

  • fill in the DJM registration form & up-date your CV – email or posted to us with your CV. Your CV should be as current as possible and list briefly your personal details, teaching experiences, special skills and contact details of your teaching referees.

Step 3 – prove your Teaching Qualifications

  • you need an Education degree/degrees, the academic transcript (results for final year) and your current teacher registration certificate/card. 

Step 4 – prove your teaching experiences with School based  References.

  • two references that are school based and reflect your teaching experiences in a school. These references must be from your most recent teaching experience or teaching position.

Step 5 – Get a current National Police check if overseas trained & a UK DBS Police Check*** VIP

UK law requires that all adults working with children in the UK be checked for criminal convictions. A Police Check certifies that you do not have any criminal convictions in your own country. For Overseas Trained teachers, it is essential to apply for a National or Federal Police check before leaving. Bring the original copy with you to the UK. For teachers in the UK, you must have a current UK DBS Police Clearance/List 99/Prohibition/Association Declaration checks completed.

Step 6 – prove you are healthy

  • obtain a medical certificate from your local doctor stipulating are fit to work & documenting any medication you are currently taking.

Step 7 – come and say Hello! in an Interview chat & Induction

Before you begin working with DJM you will have an Interview chat with our Education Manager. These are face-to-face interviews/inductions. They are informal and friendly and offering you the opportunity to talk about your experiences; your goals and what you want from teaching with DJM (i.e. type of work; schools; frequency of work..)

These face-to-face meetings are so important for building connections and partnerships. Even in our wired world face-to-face meetings remain a key factor in establishing & maintaining effective relationships.

Step 8 – Time to teach! Woo hoo!

Once you start teaching with DJM, it is really just the beginning of belonging to a great team who supports you the whole time with an ear to hear, advice if needed, training & development information and opportunities to meet & mix with other teachers.

Best of all it’s the beginning of your terrific adventure teaching in London with DJM.