Teaching in London with DJM

Our motto:

Where there’s a will, there’s always a way*


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Tom from Adelaide Australia said:

“DJM have provided me with fantastic support since arriving into London. They provide clear and friendly advice and give realistic and helpful information about the school system and curriculum here in England. DJM listen to and support their staff as well as having a great and refreshing sense of humour”

We know each individual teacher already has many positive qualities and we build on these knowing everyone is different and what works for one may not work for another.

Everyone is different & circumstances and situations affect people in different ways and for different reasons.

DJM has teachers from all walks of life, all age groups & varying years of experience. We take care of :

  • the personal and professional well-being of each teacher and school
  • truly getting to know the people who work with us 
  • making links and connections between and with people so no-one is left feeling isolated, unsupported or alone
  • finding and providing the best teaching opportunities 

to ensure a rewarding experience.

Whether it is a newly arrived overseas trained teacher who needs to learn about teaching in London while also setting up their life structures (finding a home ; obtaining a bank account;  a National Insurance number; registering with a GP) ; to those teachers who manage the 30+ students in their classes day in day out regardless of nursing a cold or dealing with situations in their personal lives, hearing how each individual teacher is handling their day to day life and duties is crucial to their wellbeing & essential for success.  

Ashlea said on her return to Melbourne Australia:

“Working with DJM has been the most rewarding, enjoyable and unforgettable experience that I know I will treasure for the rest of my life. I am so thankful for your continual support, unlimited patience and most of all your persistence and belief in me to tackle new challenges. The confidence I will take home with me in my next teaching role is definitely attributed to my time over here” 

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