Teaching in London…

…comes with a bit of planning.

Most important – do a reality check!

A reality check means:

  1. gathering information from multiple sources – make sure lots of boxes are ticked, not just one! Money won’t buy you happiness but a good school will.
  2. scratching below the surface – ask questions, quiz and ‘grill’ people about why, how & when (remember – what suits one, won’t suit another)
  3. Analysing the data. Best way is to use the best thinking tool on the market = Edward de Bono – the ‘Plus, Minus and Interesting’ activity . It clarifies thinking, is quick, easy & has great points for discussions.

Here’s a terrific example:

The Edward Debono’s PMI  activity was used by our teachers to decide on which type of teaching work to do – when & why. This information supports the decisions our teachers make. We support these decisions 100%.

Remember – what works for one, many not work for another.

  • PMI of doing Daily or PPA cover ( internal release of different classes in one school):

P = Plus – the benefits:  we love this type of teaching work the best!(relief/substitute) teaching: best job in this category is being the regular PPA release teacher – internally covering a school’s classes as teachers are released to plan: you get really resourceful & resilient & nothing fazes you; you learn to think on your feet & pick up lots of ideas, routines. And! you manage your work & take time off to travel anytime you want. Woo hoo! 

M = Minus – what you have to get used to: Sometimes it does mean going to a new school every so often and re-establishing yourself as a teacher, tiring!; don’t get paid as much

I = Interesting – things to think about: working as a relief or substitute teacher for a day, days, a week;  lots of freedom to manage your time

  • PMI of Long Term Supply (contract) teaching:

P = Plus – the benefits:  you get paid more; know the way to the school; you get to know parents & staff & build relationships; you learn different curriculum planning, assessments, data collection strategies. 

M = Minus – what you have to get used to:  You have to hit the ground running; schools don’t often spend time inducting you, they expect you to teach. It’s more pay because there’s lots more paperwork & admin to do; more parent pressure with reports & interviews; much longer work hours 

I = Interesting – things to think about: always ‘try before you buy’ – you don’t want to get stuck in a job that you hate; being a full-time classroom teacher teaching your own class in a school for term/s over the school year is great once you have worked out how the schools work & what their demands and expectations are of you.  Money won’t make you happy, but having a good school will!

  • PMI of a Permanent placement:

P = Plus – the benefits:  being employed directly by a school and paid by the school including some holidays.

M = Minus – what you have to get used to: Always ‘try before you buy’ – you don’t want to get stuck in a job that you hate & then you can’t get out of it if because you have signed a contract with the school. You want a school where you feel like you are a member of staff not just a supply teacher. Can be great or can be a bumma. Choose carefully!”

I = Interesting – things to think about: find a full-time teaching job  in a school you want & LIKE!. Don’t choose anything you haven’t seen first hand. Internet pictures can be glamed up & distort the truth

We know each individual teacher already has many positive qualities and we build on these knowing everyone is different and what works for one may not work for another.

Tom from Adelaide Australia said:

“DJM have provided me with fantastic support since arriving into London. They provide clear and friendly advice and give realistic and helpful information about the school system and curriculum here in England. DJM listen to and support their staff as well as having a great and refreshing sense of humour”