Teaching in London…

requires a bit of planning.

Taking the time to think through the type of work to do in London really helps make the whole experience a success.

Remember – what works for one, many not work for another.  Everyone is different & circumstances and situations affect people in different ways and for different reasons. 

DJM has teachers from all walks of life, all age groups & varying years of experience. 

We know each individual teacher already has many positive qualities and we build on these knowing everyone is different and what works for one may not work for another.

We understand the needs of the schools we recruit for and take the time to match those needs with the requirements of our high quality teachers.

Tom from Adelaide Australia said:

“DJM have provided me with fantastic support since arriving into London. They provide clear and friendly advice and give realistic and helpful information about the school system and curriculum here in England. DJM listen to and support their staff as well as having a great and refreshing sense of humour”