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Testimonial to Bronwyn Ward-Manson

” I had the honour of working with Bronwyn Ward-Manson as part of the South Australian Teaching and Learning Team which supported all levels of schooling to implement the Australian National Curriculum.

Bronwyn is a well-respected leader, thinker and practitioner in the field of education. She was a pioneer in the development and implementation of programming, planning, assessment, recording and reporting policies and practices that were based in educational research and keenly focused on improving student learning. 

Bronwyn was instrumental in writing and leading state-wide assessment and reporting policy and professional learning strategies. She has an outstanding understanding of principles of assessment and the links between assessment, the teaching and learning cycle and curriculum standards. She promotes the need for reporting processes and practices to meet the needs of parents and caregivers. 

Bronwyn has always been willing to move outside her comfort zone & think outside the box when it comes to gathering information/data about student achievement. She always retained a focus on identifying an individual student’s key behaviours, skills and knowledge that showed their true abilities as an individual within the context of a mandated and structured curriculum. 

At the core of Bronwyn’s passion and work, was the vision & work of Garth Boomer, Director of SA Education. He led true innovation in Education across and beyond South Australia. He initiated the A-Write program of which Bronwyn play a significant part. She was a ‘forward scout exploring and trying out new ideas and practices that were bold and incredibly innovative’.

Bronwyn was an integral part of this historic time in the Australian educational landscape and history.

During Bronwyn’s work with Garth Boomer, SA education was leading the nation in a direction that had never been experienced before. This ground breaking work led to the establishment of the South Australian Teaching and Learning team. 

Bronwyn’s legacy in Australia remains in the hearts and minds of professionals and students alike.”

Tracy Zilm, Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (*ACARA) Sydney, New South Wales Australia, 2017