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Bespoke Training & Development

We provide opportunities for our teachers to present their classroom practices in our Professional Development activities.

  • workshops & courses – Behaviour Management, Literacy, Programming, Assessment & reporting; Thinkers Keys, De Bono’s 6 Hats .  
  • Swap meets – swapping formats, ideas & strategies. 
  • Resources to copy & share

Briony DJM teacher in London says:

” Working for DJM is great! They are always available for a chat & are very supportive. Their professional development sessions are great too & always held in a ‘surprise’ venue such as a Health club, or great restaurant or top floor of a pub! They always provide us with food & drink during the workshops. They are a professional team with a friendly approach to teaching. They are always looking after us.”  

Our Bespoke Training & Development packages including:

* Using Edward De Bono’s 6 hats for inclusive decision making  

* Critical Thinking Skills – strategies for understanding and growth

* Assessment, Recording & Reporting Strategies and formats  

* Growing an assessment culture – assessment of and for learning

 * Developing self assessment skills to inform performance: used in conjunction with a Performance Matrix

** These are current T & D packages. There are many more adapted to suit  the needs and contexts of each school and organisation.

” From the outset Tracy and Bronwyn’s positive, lively and reassuring manner gained an enthusiastic response even from ‘doubters’. More over their extensive knowledge base ensured that issues and questions were managed accurately and convincingly. Their guidance and leadership among our staff was altogether a professionally enriching and satisfying day. ” 

T. Rogers: Superintendent Secondary Schools, South Australia