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We have a leader in Education

Leading the company is DJM Director Bronwyn Ward-Manson

Bronwyn’s particular interests and areas of expertise: 

  • class teacher in Australia and London
  • Literacy Advisor Northern Regions of Adelaide
  • Curriculum Consultant implementing Australia’s National Curriculum
  • member of Team developing Assessment & reporting practices for Australian schools.
  • Manager of London branch of a Corporate Teaching Agency London, UK
  • Director of her own UK Teaching agency and US based Publishing/training & Development company 

Bronwyn ‘s work in the Australian National Curriculum is best described by Tracy Zilm , Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority ACARA , Sydney Australia 2017 

” I had the honour of working with Bronwyn Ward-Manson as part of the South Australian Teaching and Learning Team which supported all levels of schooling to implement the Australian national curriculum known as Statements and Profiles.  


Bronwyn is a well-respected leader, thinker and practitioner in the field of education. She was a pioneer in the development and implementation of programming, planning, assessment, recording and reporting policies and practices that were based in educational research and keenly focused on improving student learning


  • she has a unique ability to translate outstanding innovative and engaging classroom practice into her leadership roles as a teacher, a consultant to schools and as managing director of her own supply teaching company. She is able to distil the essence of concepts and not only explain them clearly but engage people in applying them. This is regardless of whether the audience for her explanation is an academic, a school leader, teacher, parent or student. Communication is one of her greatest assets.


  • she values teacher professional judgement and knowledge of their own students. She has a proven track record of supporting teachers and leaders with tools and professional learning/conversations that engaged them in delivering nationally agreed outcomes and standards.


Bronwyn has written several published articles and resources.She has worked internationally.





  • Her international work included Australia/United Kingdom collaborative projects investigating time table and team approaches that assisted primary schools to cover the breadth of a curriculum with a focus on balance and quality of learning.


  • Her other strengths lie in being able to not only articulate but also enable effective management of such curriculum delivery in a school setting that maintains student learning at the forefront of decisions.



Bronwyn was instrumental in writing and leading state-wide assessment and reporting policy and professional learning strategies. She has an outstanding understanding of principles of assessment and the links between assessment, the teaching and learning cycle and curriculum standards. She promotes the need for reporting processes and practices to meet the needs of parents and caregivers.


  • she has high level of skill in identifying and translating cutting edge educational theory into practice. She uses a range of inclusive and challenging individual and small group activities to shift the thinking of the most resistant teacher.


  • she strongly advocates the voice of students at all levels of policy and practice. She is clear and convincing about the benefits of involving students in decisions about assessment and the importance of being explicit to students about assessment.




Bronwyn has always been willing to move outside her comfort zone & think outside the box when it comes to gathering information/data about student achievement.




  • She always retained a focus on identifying an individual student’s key behaviours, skills and knowledge that showed their true abilities as an individual within the context of a mandated and structured curriculum.


  • One of Bronwyn’s strengths is her ability to see below the surface and acknowledge and value the plethora of information people use and display (which is sometimes unconventional) about what they really know & can do.


  • Bronwyn emphatically promoted giving students (and their teachers) the ‘freedom’ to move beyond tight conventions of curriculum; letting go of the establish structures to give them the opportunities to show their authentic self; their real abilities and knowledge.

                    The true purpose of education.     



 Bronwyn was an integral part of a historic time in the Australian educational landscape and history, and her legacy in Australia remains in the hearts and minds of professionals and students alike. “