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Student record keeping & Self assessment – THE assessment method OF and FOR Learning

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Here are some of our current booklets available for purchase worldwide as ebooks and ibooks & their URL links: 

  1. Far out brussel sprout!: Top Behaviour Management ideas used by teachers worldwide: Bronwyn Ward-Manson

  1. The best kept secrets of business success:  Find out HOW feelings drive sales, direct customer service and sell more products & services: : Bronwyn Ward-Manson

  1. Don’t be afraid to fail: Learning from failure is key to success : Bronwyn Ward-Manson

  1. Put a STOP to Bullying: Become a ‘bully buster’ : Bronwyn Ward-Manson

  1.  U-beaut-acme-add-water best teaching ideas ever! (especially if you are a supply substitute or relief teacher): Bronwyn Ward-Manson

      6. The essence of Well-being: Feeling good about yourself: Bronwyn Ward-Manson:



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