Say hello to a better tomorrow


* DJM Personnel in London

recruiting and supplying teachers to schools in London and beyond.

And its sister company 

* The DJM Marketplace:

the place to shop for inspiring publications and products.

A wee bit more about each: 

DJM Personnel…

has been successfully recruiting and supplying teachers to schools across London for over eighteen years. In the process DJM has gained an outstanding reputation as one of London’s leading teacher placement organisations. DJM Personnel is UK based supplying teachers to UK schools. 

The DJM Marketplace…

The DJM Marketplace grew out of the need to provide inspiring ideas, strategies and products which support when life delivers a ‘sting’; and then pathways and scaffolding to inspire and motivate to ‘fly high’ to a better tomorrow. 

The DJM marketplace currently focuses on providing publications for purchase as eBooks on Amazon Kindle. The DJM Market place is US based providing publications and products worldwide. – for a better tomorrow.

The true mark of DJM is what lies within… 

The words of our teachers and schools sprinkled throughout the site  best describe who we are and what we do well. 

We welcome you DJM – the place to say hello to a better tomorrow 

Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to prove to myself dreams do come true. Bron you gave me the best school I could have ever hoped for. I can’t thank you enough. The meet-ups, cards for encouragement and perseverance, the text messages, the unique sense of family with DJM that you wouldn’t get with other agencies and your Australian personality made my experience in London unforgettable!”

Lillie, Adelaide Australia