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* DJM Personnel based in London, UK 

For over eighteen years DJM Personnel has been supplying teachers  to schools in London and beyond and over the time has gained an outstanding reputation as one of London’s leading teacher placement organisations.

I can’t thank you enough for all the support you have given me during my time in London. I have been so lucky to have worked with DJM & thoroughly enjoyed my time working with you. You go above and beyond the call of duty and your chats, laughs and drinks have been so helpful in every way. I will miss you.”

Amy, Melbourne Australia

Having time to make many new friends, see lots of new places and gain a wealth of teaching experience is what makes it all so worthwhile.  



And its sister company 

* DJM Marketplace based in the US: 

DJM Market place was created to design and sell publications, products and services
to support & inspire individuals and organisations to create a better tomorrow.  

We believe ” one inspiring idea can make a better tomorrow…”

DJM Marketplace designs and publishes booklets  world-wide.

Here our some of our current publications


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“You are a unique and personal agency. Your caring approach to integrating all teachers into the world of London supply teaching has made my year more than I could ever have expected. DJM goes way beyond the call of duty in ensuring their teachers are ready for both London supply teaching and London living” Kylie Melbourne Australia